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Dog Training Programs

We are Camp Legacy Professional Dog Training in New London, Mo, Offering Dog Training, Obedience Training, Puppy Training, and Much More!

Camp Legacy Dog Training

Camp Legacy Dog Training provides dog training services in New London, Missouri. We have multiple dog training programs to help you transform your dog into it’s best version! We offer board and train programs for puppies, basic and advanced obedience.

We service all of Jacksonville, NC. Wilmington, NC and Camp Lejeune.


Potty Training, Basic Obedience and Socialization.


Board and Train for On-Leash and Off-Leash obedience.


Work 1 on 1 with us! We will teach you how to train your pup.

Hania Deters

Pro Dog Trainer

Hi, my name is Hania Deters! Growing up I was always told to become a vet due to my love and talent with animals, but I knew that wasn’t my calling. Through interning at a boarding facility in Missouri, I found out that being a Dog Trainer was an actual job!

Knowing that, I couldn’t wait to learn more, so I headed to Texas where I graduated from Starmark Academy Dog Behavioral School to become a balanced dog trainer and dog behavior specialist! During my time at Starmark I was also selected to participate in their 3 month intern/apprenticeship. After school however, I married and followed my high school sweetheart to North Carolina for the Military, and began to further my education as a trainer.

Becoming a trainer has allowed me to help so many families reach their training goals. At the end of every training program, seeing the excitement on an owner’s face and knowing that I’ve helped strengthen the relationship between them and their pup is why I love training so much. With all the knowledge I’ve gained, and dogs trained, I look forward to helping you build a better and more enjoyable relationship with your pup!


The importance of relationship in dog training cannot be overstated. Not only does a positive relationship between the you and the dog help create a safe and healthy learning environment, but it also helps to ensure that the dog is motivated and engaged, making the entire training process smoother and more effective.


Obedience training is an important part of raising a well-behaved and happy dog. Teaching obedience to your pup not only helps them learn what behaviors are expected of them, but it also helps create a better bond between you and your pup.

Stay Of Mind

The mental state of a dog is of the utmost importance when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing. Dogs rely heavily on their mental state in order to interpret their environment and make decisions. This means that if their mental state is compromised, their ability to interact with the world around them can be affected drastically.


Play is an essential part of dog training, as it helps bond the dog and their owners. Without it, the relationship between them could easily become strained and stressful. Play allows for a positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors and can be used to reward good actions without shutting down unwanted ones. When play is incorporated into a training program, it encourages cooperation and enthusiasm which leads to faster learning.


We focus on owner training as much as dog training!

At our send homes, we spend 2 to 3 hours educating you on how to become the best dog handler! After your dog graduates, we offer multiple free training opportunities to strengthen your skills!